What is boxes? Information about the possibilities, dimensions and principles of operation of self-service stores.

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BOX - an isolated room

storage of any property of the tenant in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation to the authorized list.

Box is isolated on all sides by walls and a metal grid, which eliminates the possibility to get from one box to another.

• Box closes key tenant on the lock. The key is only the tenant, the administration of the warehouse has no duplicate keys to the boxes.

• Entrance to the complex and boxing made using a PIN code, a stranger to get to the store and open the box can not.

• The lessee has free access to their things, an inventory of stored items is not made, it is your room or closet, which you use at his discretion for personal belongings or business organization.

• You can set your computer in boxing for utilities is not an additional fee is taken. The complex offers free Wi-Fi.

• The reception area is organized comfort zone for visitors, here you can issue goods to your customers.

Dimensions of boxes from 2 to 22 m, height - 2.5 m.

Determine the size you will help specialists Skladovki. With self-calculating customers tend to inflate the size of two times.

Warehouse cell per cubic meter

The minimum size of the box - perfect for storage of wheels - box of 1 cubic meter, 792rub per month. When renting for 11 months.

two-meter warehouse for personal use

"Family boxing" - 2 square meters, rate 2805 rubles per month. When renting for 11 months.

twenty-two meters under the warehouse

"Business Box" - 22 square meters, rate 24 667 rubles per month. When renting for 11 months.

Warehouse box with boxes and shelves

•Boxes can be equipped with shelves, to utilize the space over the entire height. Shelves are always in stock, as in the day of arrival or in advance can buy a box in several sizes.

• Boxes of 10 square meters have roller shutter door width of 2m, which rises to the top. This is convenient for bulky cargo, pallet storage and furniture.

An important limitation: no weight load greater than 350 kg/m2.It is also necessary in the planning of arrival to discuss the dimensions of the property to confirm that it will pass through the corridors and into the elevator.

The maximum weight of hosted property

yellow kettlebell

The maximum weight of 350 kg property hosted on 1 sq m

Store warm and clean

Corridor in an individual warehouse

• The boxes kept at a constant temperature of storage: summer is not above + 30 ° C, and winter does not drop below + 12 ° C and humidity stable. These conditions ensure the safety of consumer properties and appearance of the stored property.

• The inlet floor and regular cleaning of common areas eliminates the accumulation of dust.

• In addition to regular hygienic cleaning process is carried out by insects and rodents.

unloading area to the warehouse

• It is always clean, dry and no foreign matter, because car stop in front of the unloading area, and even a drop of petroleum products does not get into the room because loads on carts moved inside.

• Clean toilets - an essential attribute of a comfortable stay in the warehouse complex.

Sun moon

• It's very convenient - to use freely their belongings whenever there is a need for them. You have the opportunity to Skladovke without any restrictions at any time of the day seven days a week, because it is, in fact, in your personal cellar room. You can work and stay inside the box as long as necessary.

• You do not need to book passage on the car and to the public, provided that you meet them at the entrance. You do not need to warn in advance about their intention to visit his boxing - in all actions within the complex, you absolutely autonomous.

• During the visit is not an additional fee is taken at night.