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Warehouse size calculator

The easiest way to find out the size is to get expert advice:

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You will be specified what exactly you plan to store and will help to calculate the size of boxing. However,
it is useful to know a few rules to do it yourself:

Rule 1:10

1. Divide the area of the apartment that you plan to exempt from things by 10

– this will be the size of the box you need. Further…

2. Add the size area of undismountable items.

If you plan to store upholstered furniture, you probably want to preserve its appearance. To do this the piece of furniture must be stored separately without loading from above with boxes or other things.

Therefore, the area of undismountable furniture should be added to the value obtained in p. 1:
● so for a double sofa we add 2 m2,
● a three-seater sofa + 3 m2 additionally, and more ...

3. Leave space for passage if you are going to visit the box and use things.

To save space, you can place things in the box up to the ceiling, but it's very difficult to use things at the same time. Therefore we add a passage width of 0.5 m and the required length.

Do you plan to bring things in a transport container?
Контейнер для переезда
Transfer table in m2
Container size Inner dimensions (m)
Length               Width
The square of the box, m2
3-ft 2 1,2 2-3
5-ft 2,5 2 5
20-ft 6 2,3 14
24-ft 6 2,3 14
40-ft 12 2,3 26
Which car can you fit your things into?
Released premises Type of transport Suitable box size

apartment or office

20-60 m2

Газель для переезда 8-15 м2
GAZelle vehicle (8-15 m2)
2-4 m2

apartment or office

70-90 m2

Бычок для переезда 16-20 м2
ZIL vehicle (16-20 m2)
7-9 m2

apartment or office

from 100 and more m2

Фургон для переезда 20 и более м2
Wagon vehicle (20 and more m2)
10 and more m2