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What is a “self-storage box”?

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A box is an isolated room with metal walls and a door that is locke by the tenant with his personal lock. The keys to the box are kept by the tenant exclusively. Only the tenant and his authorized representatives entered into the lease agreement have access to the box. The administration of the warehouse does not have access to the rented box. You get a personal pin code to turn the box alarm off the every time you visit to avoid triggering the signal. You can only turn the box alarm off by entering your personal pin code.

Can I rent 2 m2 for a week for real?

Correct! Choose the area and the rental period that you need. The minimum rental period in the Skladovka is a week.

Can I give the key from the box to relatives or partners?

Yes, in addition to you, the warehouse and use the box can be accessed by your authorized persons entered into the agreement. You lock the box with your personal lock, and you can give the key to the lock and the access pin-code to your authorized persons on your own responsibility.

Does the contract have to be drawn up in advance or simultaneously with the arrival of the goods?

Both options will work. If your cargo arrives at night, then the contract should be executed in advance for you to have access to the box at night, and if it is convenient for you to come with the property during the administration working hours, you will be able to draw up the contract at the branch and immediately unload things into the box. Please note that to conclude the contract, you must arrive no later than one hour before the end of the administration working hours, i.e., no later than 8:00 p.m. on weekdays and at 5:00 p.m. on weekends.

Why is a deposit made when concluding the contract?

A deposit is a refundable payment which insures the company against a client abandoning their belongings and refusing to take them, and also indemnifies the company against damage to its property. The deposit is refunded to the client at the time of cancellation of the contract.

Can one person draw up the contract, but other bring property?

Of course you can. If you cannot bring things yourself, then your safe bet is to enter into the contract those who will be your authorized persons so that they can have access to your things in the box you rented.

Where can I get racks for boxing?

You can buy metal racks at any branch, they are always in stock. Alternatively, you can bring your own racks, for example, by making them specially made of wood, taking into account the necessary weight of things to be stored, and the box configuration.

Can I store a motorcycle in the box in the winter?

Unfortunately, no, because storage of motor vehicles requires a licensed warehouse. Skladovka does not store items that are inflammable or contain fuels or lubricants. But, for the experiment, we have several street boxes.

What is the temperature in the boxes in the winter?

Warehouse ensures winter temperature in the warehouse of not lower than + 12 ° C.

Can you provide a things transportation service and bring packaging materials?

Yes, we organize both storage and relocation by professional specialists. To buy packaging materials, visit Skladovka online store or make a purchase at the company’s branch.

What are Skladovka’s working hours on weekends, is there access to the box?

Yes, tenants have unrestricted 24-hour access to the box, and the administration’s working hours on these days are from 10.00 a.m.-6.00 p.m., please see the working hours of the branches here.

How do I choose between safe storage and self-storage?

When leasing a safe storage warehouse, all manipulations with the property will be done for you by employees of this warehouse only, whereas with self-storage you do the moving of your possessions inside the leased area yourself without the warehouse administration getting involved. You will not have to go through the hassle of getting a pass, which means you won’t waste time on it if you decide to bring or take your things to/from the warehouse. In Skladovka you freely dispose of your property around the clock without paying extra for logistical functions, since you do everything yourself.

Is furniture storage included in the services provided by the warehouse?

– Of course! You can entrust us with temporary storage of things of any size. The temperature-humidity regime of our complex is suitable for individual storage of your furniture, and the security level allows you to store more valuable things. The boxes come in different sizes: the smallest ones can be used to store tires, the larger ones are suitable for storing bicycles, wheels, strollers, furniture items. The temperature regime satisfies the conditions of storage of tires, household items.

Is video surveillance included in the storage services?

– Yes, video surveillance is included in the storage services provided by our warehouse. Thanks to video recording, you can rest assured that your belongings will be safe, even without having to visit the box. In addition, storage services in our warehouses provide equipment of each individual box with burglar alarm. You will find that warehouse services of this kind in Moscow are provided not anywhere near by every temporary storage warehouse. In addition, our warehouse services are comparable in price with average going rates for the capital.

What are the payment options for the temporary storage warehouse services?

– If you are already a customer of Skladovka, LLC, you can pay for the temporary storage warehouse services in cash directly on the territory of our Branch office before the expiration date of the service period specified in your contract. If for some reason it is inconvenient for you to come to the territory of the Branch, you can use the system of non-cash funds transfer from your bank account using our bank account details (you can download details here). Alternatively, you can make a payment through any branch of Sberbank of Russia, PJSC (the branch is Moscow Bank of Sberbank of Russia, PJSC). Please note that when paying for the services of the temporary storage warehouse by bank transfer, please bear in mind the periods of crediting funds to the settlement account of Skladovka, LLC, namely, please pay in advance (no later than 2 days before the expiry of the service period specified in your contract). And also, if you plan to pay for temporary storage services on behalf of another person, BE SURE TO specify the name of the client for which payment is made in the payment purpose field. The receipt for payment of services through the branches of Sberbank of Russia, PJSC (the branch is Moscow Bank of Sberbank of Russia, PJSC) can be downloaded here.

How much space can your company provide to the client?

– In our complexes, storage areas (personal boxes) differ by area. The minimum area is 1 m2, the maximum area is 25 m2. You can order any number of individual boxes, depending on the amount and volume of your property. Small storage spaces are in constant demand, so we recommend you book them in advance. But there is nothing to worry about, since our company has many Affiliates and we will do our best to select a box for you even if you contact us without prior arrangement.

Can I change the property that I place in a temporary storage warehouse under a single warehouse services contract― bringing/removing something?

– When renting a temporary storage warehouse, you choose the most suitable for you area of up to 2m2 and place any property, whether it’s furniture or a personal wardrobe. Therefore, in the future, you can adjust at your discretion the quantity and nature of the items stored within the area of the temporary storage warehouse you have chosen without incurring additional costs for renewal of contracts, registers and lists of stored property, unlike in safe storage warehouses.

How often can I visit the self-storage complex?

– You can visit the complex and individual premises on any day of the week, days off and holidays included. The working hours our complexes can be viewed here. In accordance with this working schedule, you can visit our complex without pre-registration and registration at any time which is convenient for you, which is our clear advantage over safe storage warehouses

Does amount of property affect the rent value?

– You just rent from us a box having a certain area, and it the purpose of the rent does not matter to us for: whether it is storing the wheels from the car, storing office documentation or temporarily storing a miniature jewel box with valuable things. Thus, the cost of storing the wheels or documentation will be absolutely identical to you ― you pay for the box.