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SKLADOVKA Company is №1 brand in the self-storage market. The company first offered this service in Russia in 2009 and it was very popular among citizens of the metropolis. Self-storage service out-of-house in the warm boxes is a very popular service around the world. It’s also became popular in Russia.

Today SKLADOVKA is 7 modern urban warehouses in Moscow for storage of household goods, furnishing and wares.
You can rent a box from 1 squad meter up to 22 squad meters for private storage of your personals.. Storage in SKLADOVKA is completely comfortable: you get round-the-clock access to your box and you can bring in and take away things at any time!

As Skladovka allows me to optimize business costs

Look for an alternative way to store files, a long time trying to find a place in the office for storage of advertising and exhibition equipment ... it is necessary only twice a year, and we look at it in the office every day. We move to a new office, you need to release old tomorrow, and builders Premises available late, what do you do with the rest of the property ... Bring your business Skladovku property. We estimate the required area and place your belongings in complete safety. Do business, we take care of your comfort and reduce the costs of storing the archives, promotional materials, goods online store things during the repair, seasonal equipment.

10 reasons to choose "Skladovka"

101 reason to clear a space for life

Little space at home, can not breathe on things, and many books and magazines, no cabinet is not enough? I can not afford new furniture, because villa is not yet completed... Ahead repairs - I'll never know, where all the export... So many questions and one decision - SKLADOVKA - storage of personal belongings in the modern urban stock. Each of your case may be unique, but the right decision for them - for rent in box. Do your belongings will be warm, safe room, where they will wait for you to come to them. Summer to winter can move things, and winter-summer.

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