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SKLADOVKA - is a modern urban warehouse for storage of personal belongings and business property

You rent box from 1 to 30 m2 for self storage. You get round the clock access to the box, and you can bring and take away things at any time convenient for you. Individual storage implies that we do not do an inventory of your belongings, do not control what you keep, but take responsibility for their complete safety. We rent a box in a warm warehouse complex, which you use to suit your needs at desired time. Access to your box has only you. Box - it's almost an extra room for your stuff on unique affordable price, much lower than the price m2 office space or a rented apartment. It is an ideal solution for storing things that are not needed at the moment, or business property or goods. Each box is equipped with a personal security system and fire alarm. You can purchase racks to place things and convenient to add storage area.

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multi-level alarm system

Safety is the most important!

Multi-level alarm system, security guard and video surveillance guarantee the complete safety of your belongings. Access to the boxes have only Skladovka's customers. You get a personal pin code, by which get into your box, and to enter can purchase a magnetic key card to the room of the warehouse at night. In stock set temperature control system, and the temperature in the cold period in the pits does not fall below + 12 ° C.

Skladovka - a high level of storage services

Skladovka - the first Russian company to offer services of self-storage, and a member of the Akiho . Skladovka first opened in 2009, seventh in the street pipeline, d 45 -. In May 2015. We are ready to make a life for you, our customers, slightly more comfortable using the services of self storage. Skladovka you add space at home and in the office, will keep things home and business property, take care of the packing and moving things.

You can move from one to another Skladovka, you can change the size of the box, all this without loss of volume discounts for the period of accommodation.

Skladovka - a high level of storage services