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Methods of payment

Via bank card online in the personal account of Skladovka

If you are a client of LLC "Skladovka", then pay for the box rental service with a bank card online in your personal account on the site. Personal account - entry.

Cash or using terminal at the warehouse

If you are a customer of LLC "Skladovka" then you pay for the service of renting cash right on the territory of the Skladovka warehouse. Payment must be effected before the end date of the service period that is set in your contract.

Online banking

If you can not come to the territory of the branch use the option of non-cash payment by transfer of funds to the bank details of the Warehouse from your bank account.

Логотип Сбербанка

Payment in Sberbank offices

Pay rent service in any of the branches of Sberbank. Keep in mind that the transfer of funds to the account of LLC Skladovka can take up to 48 hours. In addition, if you pay for a storage service under a contract for another person, be sure to write the name of the customer for whom you pay in the payment purpose.

Логотип Элекснет

Payment terminals Eleksnet

To transfer funds through the terminal "Instant payment", the client of the company "Skladovka" should:

  • select on the screen the operation "Payment of services"
  • then double enter "Other services" and find the button SKLADOVKA
  • enter the contract number (Personal account) and the amount to be paid
  • after entering information you need to put by one note the necessary amount into the terminal receiving device and pick up a printed receipt confirming the fact of payment.

Attention! Payments are accepted without commission!

Keep the receipt issued by the terminal.